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We are a family owned and operated business! We have been working for years to become Utah’s Number 1 Access Control installation and maintenance provider. We want to make it easy and affordable to get Access Control installed in your home or business. Our Professionally trained technicians and customer service representatives are always ready for any question or situation.


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Let visitors get a hold of you without compromising your buildings security. Talk with visitors from your cell phone, or computer without getting up. This lets you easily manage visitors and deters unwanted solicitation. 

With some of the best prices in the county, you can’t afford not to have a access control system installed. Call Utah Access Control for an estimate on a security system, intercom system, and more!

All of our technicians are professionals with extensive industry experience and training. With the proper qualifications and know how, we can handle your next security upgrade!

Affordable Keypad & RFID Door Locks

Many types of businesses can benefit from a keyless entry system. Especially businesses with multiple employees can reap the benefits by having easy access to their offices or other parts of the building.

This type of system also lets you restrict/allow access through a number of different methods. Some of these can be role based, where certain employees with designated responsibilities are allowed only into certain areas of the property.

Even for a small building there are affordable keyless entry methods available such as Keypad locks. These allow you to forget your physical key and unlock your doors using an electronic keypad.

Local Expertise With Certified Technicians

When trying to figure out which locks or access control system you want, it can be difficult to tell which features you will need.

We always recommend consulting with an expert in the matter to help you compare. This ensures you don’t overpay and install something that has too many unnecessary features or functions.

All of our technicians are fully certified, licensed and insured to perform access control troubleshooting, installation, and repairs. Whether you are installing a unit for the first time, or you’re having issues with an old system, Utah Access Control can help!

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