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If you are able to monitor the flow of people in and out of your building, this can provide you with a heightened level of security. Whether these are customers, or employees, providing them with access to certain areas can be a form of security. Holladay Key card access systems have become very prominent in modern businesses. Keypad access systems are very similar. The goal is to provide people with access codes, or cards that have these codes, that can be used to grant them access to different locations. If you run a business in Holladay, and you would like to have one installed, our company can assist you. Before deciding to do this, here is an overview of how our business, Utah Access Control, can help you with installations and repairs.

The Benefits Of Installing Access Control Systems in Holladay, UT

Although most people associate access control systems with providing access to areas of your business, they also have many other benefits. It provides a simplified way of managing the flow of traffic in and out of your business. This includes all activity, from employees to customers, that will be granted access to different locations. These centralized systems make it easy to adjust access times, and permission levels, from one location. They can be programmed to request specific credentials, plus they can eliminate difficulties associated with using traditional keys. Essentially, everything becomes streamline when trying to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic throughout your facility.

Why Do Access Control Systems Enhance Security?

At a minimum, access control systems are designed to prevent unauthorized people from getting into your facility. This is why you will provide your employees with a key card, programmed with their specific number and access level. If you are using a keypad system at the same time, by entering in their number, they will be granted permission to go in or exit the building. This simple way of controlling the authorized flow of traffic throughout your business can enhance your overall security levels.

Do These Work In Conjunction With Other Security Measures?

Although placing key card access on every door in your building will enhance security, there are other solutions that you can use. For example, you can visually monitor people that are inside of your facility by installing CCTV cameras. If you would prefer a digital solution, video surveillance systems can also be installed. In conjunction with the cameras, you can also have an intercom system placed at each entry and exit.

By doing so, you can assist employees that are having problems or simply talk to those wanting to get inside that you do not know. Electronic lock systems are also very helpful. You can lock down your entire building with the push of a button.

It also allows you to open doors remotely if the key card is not functioning properly. For all of these solutions, an alarm system should also be installed.

When problems arise, you can set off the alarm, which may be designed to immediately alert the authorities. These different ways of protecting your business, and those that work for you, will work perfectly with your access control system.

Why You Should Use Our Company

Utah Access Control is a business with more than 15 years of experience with installing access control systems. We will only use the latest systems that are known to be reliable. Once installed, each one of your employees will be provided with a key card and number to give them access.

The centralized system will also allow you to modify permissions directly or remotely at a different location. If you do choose to install additional security systems, our company can also assist you with this as well.

If you need an alarm system, video surveillance system, or a simple intercom system, we can provide you with a quote on the total cost. In addition to our experience in this industry, we also employ fully insured, bonded, and licensed employees with years of experience with repairs and installations. Best of all, if you are in the Holladay area, we are likely just a few minutes from your location.

The Pros And Cons Of Access Control Systems

The benefits and drawbacks associated with using access control systems are well known. The benefits will always include being able to monitor employees at your facility. However, every system that is installed may have certain problems. For example, you may find it difficult to grant permission to specific employees due to a glitch in the computer system. There could be physical problems, especially when installing additional security measures such as cameras and alarms.

The main difficulty with access control systems often involves the key card reader itself. Whether you are using a reader, or a keypad, you may need to replace them if they start to malfunction. When these problems arise, our company will be able to assist you. We can quickly assess the problem, repair the device in question, or simply replace it if necessary. Regardless of the issues that you experience, our company will literally be a phone call away.

Once your access control system is in place, you will have one of the best security systems available. This not only protects assets at your place of business, but can also protect those that work for you.

Granting them access to specific areas can help you monitor the activities of those working directly at your facility. These can also work directly with other security systems, including alarm systems, intercom systems, and camera systems.

If you currently operate a business in Holladay, you may want to obtain a quote from our business. We can tell you how much it will cost to install one, or repair one, depending upon what needs to be accomplished.

For additional information on our access control systems, and other security measures, contact our business today.

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