Securing Your Space: The Essential Role of Access Control Pedestals & Mounts

Access Control System

In our increasingly security-conscious world, access control systems have become a crucial part of residential and commercial security strategies. Within these systems, certain elements play critical roles, even though they might not immediately jump out at you. Access control pedestals and mounts are such components, ensuring the seamless operation and effectiveness of the system. In this article, we'll delve into these components, their utilities, and their implementation by Utah Access Control, a full-service provider in the access control industry.

Access Control Housings: The Guardian of Your System

Access Control Housing

Imagine a situation: you've installed a high-end access control system at your property, but a heavy downpour or a dust storm hits your locale. The last thing you want is your security measures getting compromised. That's where access control housings come into play. These components shield the electronic and mechanical parts of your system from the harsh elements, keeping them secure and in optimal working condition at all times.

Access Control Mounting Posts: Standing Tall Against the Odds


Now, consider this: you've invested a considerable amount in your outdoor access control system. Naturally, you want it to withstand environmental factors and last for a long time. Access control mounting posts serve this very purpose. They provide a sturdy base for your system, ensuring its longevity and durability.

Mounting Boxes: The Safe Haven for Your Wiring

Mounting Box

An access control system is not just about the visible components; it's also about what's behind the scenes, especially the wiring. To ensure your wiring stays safe from potential damage, we provide mounting boxes that offer a secure and protected enclosure. This ensures your security system operates smoothly without any interruption.

Mounting Brackets: Aligning Your Security

Mounting Brackets

Correct alignment is crucial when it comes to installing access control devices. That's where mounting brackets come into play. These components fasten the devices securely to the wall or any other desired surface, ensuring proper alignment and secure installation.

Mounting Frames: Melding Aesthetics with Protection


Aesthetics matter just as much as functionality. Our mounting frames provide an appealing outline for access control devices. They not only enhance the system's visual appeal but also protect it from accidental damage or tampering, ensuring your security system looks good while functioning flawlessly.

Mounting Kits & Hardware: Simplifying Installation

Complete Access Control Mount And Hardware  

A security system's installation process involves a variety of components, and for that, our all-inclusive mounting kits & hardware are the perfect solutions. These kits include everything you need for successful installation, such as screws, nuts, and other fasteners, making sure your system is secure and stable.

Mounting Plates: Keeping Your Devices Steady


Mounting plates are yet another vital component of an access control system. They create a flat and secure surface for the devices to be mounted on. With our mounting plates, you can ensure that your devices are properly aligned and stable, enhancing the overall functionality of your system.

Mounting Spacers: Creating Necessary Gaps

Mounting Spacers

Last but not least, let's talk about mounting spacers. These often-overlooked components are used to create a necessary distance or gap between the wall and the access control device. This distance can be critical for proper device functioning and maintenance.

Choose Utah Access Control: A Comprehensive Security Solution Provider

Utah Access Control Company

At Utah Access Control, we take pride in providing comprehensive access control solutions. We offer a wide range of systems and provide all the essential components necessary for successful installation. Our trained professionals ensure these components, from pedestals to mounts, are installed accurately, promising you a robust and reliable access control system. But our commitment doesn't end at installation. We extend our partnership by offering reliable 24/7 support for all our services, ensuring your security is never compromised. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you, be it maintenance, repairs, or any queries about your system.

At Utah Access Control, we go beyond selling products. We aim to deliver comprehensive security solutions that stand the test of time. Connect with us today to fulfill your access control system needs.